The Vineyard


The Irvine & Roberts Family Vineyards lie between the Cascade Mountains and the remnants of the ancient Siskiyou Mountain Ranges that were created about 200 million years ago when the Pacific Plate collided with the North American plate. Over time, these mountains eroded into rolling hills when the great plates slipped sideways and split the ranges into large, upturned blocks, which became the water-carved canyons like the Rogue Valley in which our vineyards are planted today. Our sedimentary vineyard soils are the result of this ancient erosion and consist of Darrow silty loam, which is rich in nutrients, excellent for drainage and infiltration of water and air that is ideally suited for premium grape growing.

The Irvine & Roberts Family estate vineyard sits at 2,100 feet elevation on a steep, east facing slope. Our vines are densely spaced at 4ft by 7ft with 1,556 vines per acre. The vineyard has a Mediterranean/marine climate that averages 2,400 annual growing degree days. The vineyard’s annual precipitation rate averages 20 inches (510mm). The vineyard is certified sustainable by Salmon Safe and LIVE.

Irvine & Roberts Family Vineyards is farmed by Results Partners, who has developed and manages some of the finest vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Rogue Valley.

Explore our vineyard via the interactive vineyard map below

“Our vineyard is at 2100 feet elevation. That’s very unusual. It’s a unique stretch of land.” 

-Doug Irvine – Co-Founder


We are once again permitted to serve indoors and we look forward to welcoming you back to the warmth and comfort of the tasting room.

A heartfelt thank you to all our guests and team who joined us through the winter weather since the restrictions were placed upon us in early November.

We are dedicated to exceeding mandated health and safety standards in order to keep our guests and team comfortable and safe. We will continue to do so going forward.

Doug Irvine